Embedded Development Studio User Guide

Projects and Workspaces
    The Workspace
    Creating a New Project
        The New Project Wizard
        Selection of Target Chip
            Target Selection
            Target Family
            Family Member
            Selecting a Group
            Selecting a Configuration
        Project Name and Directory
        Target Memory Configuration
        Additional Libraries
        Program File Format
        Initial Startup and Source Files
    The Project Tree
        The Files in Your Project
        Source/Dependency Files
        File Name Extensions
        The Workspace Window
        Adding or Removing Files from your Project
    Build Settings
            Standard Settings
            Advanced Settings
                Segment Location and Ordering
                Additional Memory Regions
        Library Manager
        Custom Build Steps
            Pre-link Step
            Post-link Step
            Pre-lib Step
            Post-lib Step
            Custom Compile
            Custom Assemble
            Custom Link
            Custom Environment
            Adding Removing and Saving Custom Build Steps
    Creating New Target Family Members
    Startup Files in the Embedded Development Studio
C Source Code Browsing
    Enabling Browse Info Generation
    The Browse View
    Go To Definition
    Go To Reference
    Next Definition or Reference
    Pop Workspace
Custom Tools
Terminal Emulation
    Opening a Serial Port
    Downloading your Program
    Downloading a File
    Modifying Serial Port Settings
    Additional Transmit Preferences
    Selecting a Primary Serial Port
    Download Scripts
        Download Scripts
        Script Commands
            Type Line
            Type Text
            Wait for Prompt
            Wait for Time
Dockable Windows