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Projects and Workspaces->Creating a New Project->Target Memory Configuration

If you selected Executable Program as the project type or for the 8051 family if you selected Object Code Library, then you will be offered the opportunity to select a target memory configuration.

You can select the address limits for the memory areas applicable to the target family that you have selected.

The Compiler configuration items will only be visible for the 8051 family.

For the 8051 target family you will be able to specify the minimum and maximum addresses for code and xdata and the maximum address for idata.  For other target families you will be able to select minimum and maximum addresses for rom and ram.

In all cases you will be able to specify that both code and data should be located in ram.  If you select this option, the minimum and maximum ram/code addresses will be ignored.

You should select code and data in ram if your target system already has a program such as a monitor or debugger running on it and your intention is to download your program to run in the ram of that target system.

The defaults that will initially be displayed on this page are defined in the target.ini file of the target family that you have chosen.  Advanced users can modify these defaults.  (See Creating New Target Family Members.)