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Projects and Workspaces->Creating a New Project->Additional Libraries

If the family member that you have selected has additional library files associated with it other than the default libraries, then they may be listed and briefly described on this page.  Some may be selected by default and some may be unselected by default.  Select those which you wish to include in your project from the list.  If the item has a cross next to it, then this indicates that is selected.

After you have created the project, you can see the additional libraries that you have included by selecting Settings from the Build menu and selecting the Linker tab.  You can edit this list to modify those that will be included in future builds.

None of the family members of the standard package have any additional library files asscoiated with them but if you have purchased a package tailored to a specific OEM target board, then you may see some libraries listed here.  Also you can create your own list of additional libraries that will be displayed on this page.  See the description of VariantPath for more information.