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C Source Code Browsing->Enabling Browse Info Generation

Browse information will be generated by the C compiler providing it is enabled in Project Settings.  (It is enabled by default).

Select Settings from the Build menu.  Click on the Compiler tab.  To generate browse info, ensure that there is a tick next to the Generate Browse Info item.

Each of your source files will create it's own browse information file.  This will have the same name as the source file but with a .XBR extension.  Each time you compile a source file, it's browse file will be automatically updated and the Embedded Development Studio will immediately read in the updated information.  If you modify your source, the Embedded Development Studio will continue to use the old browse information until you recompile it.

Even if you have only compiled one of your source files, the browse information from that one compile operation will be available to the Embedded Development Studio - you do not have to perform a full compile and link before you can start to browse through your symbols.

The Clean command (Build menu) will delete all .XBR files.