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Projects and Workspaces->Build Settings->General

To change the general settings for your project select Settings from the Build menu and select the General tab.

The general project settings tab allows you to modify project options that apply to your complete project.

Project Type
Executable programSelect this item if you want to build a program to run on your target system.
LibrarySelect this item if you want to build an object code library that you can use later to link with an executable program.
Stand-alone SimulatorSelect this item if you want to use the simulator or Virtual Workshop with third-party build tools.
Note, the project types available will depend upon what Crossware build and simulation tools are installed.

If you select Executable Program, then the linker will be run to build your final output file. If you change the project type from another type to executable program, you should examine the linker settings to see if they are correct.  (The New Project Wizard will not have offered you the opportunity to set any linker options if you chose the library project type when you created your project.)

If you select Library, then the library manager will be run to build your final output file.

If you select Stand-alone Simulator then the custom tools that you define will be used to build your final output file.

Target Family

To select a Target Family click on the down arrow of the Target family drop down list.  All of the target families that are available will then be displayed:

The target families available will depend upon which Crossware modules you have purchased.  If you have purchased only one module then you will only have one target family available.  As you purchase and install additional modules, the target families supported by these modules will be automatically added to the Target family drop down list.

When you select a particular target family, you are in effect selecting the compiler, assembler and linker that will be used to build your project.

Family Member

Once you have selected a target family you can select a Family Member.  Click on the down arrow of the Family member drop down list.  All of the family members that are available for the selected target family will then be displayed:

Choose the one that is the closest match to the system for which you wish to create code.

The family members available will in general relate to the particular chips available within the target family range.  However, since the family members are defined in a simple text file, it is possible to add your own custom family members.  See Creating New Target Family Members in the Embedded Development Studio User Guide for instructions on how to do this.

Display Command Line

Check this option if you want to see the command-lines that are used to run the compiler, assembler, linker and library manager.