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Terminal Emulation->Downloading a File

Select Download File from the Comms menu to download a file via the serial port.  A dialog box will open to allow you to specify the file to download.  If a serial port is not open, then this option will be greyed and inactive.

If the active window is a serial port window, the file will be downloaded via the serial port associated with this window.  Otherwise the file will be downloaded via the primary serial port.

The download process takes place in a separate thread and you can therefore carry on with other activities while it is taking place.  You will not be allowed to enter text into the window associated with the serial port while the download process is taking place.  However any characters received via the serial port will be displayed in the window.

To abort the download process, select Stop Download from  the Comms menu.

If you close the window associated with the serial port, the download process will be aborted.

See Opening a Serial Port for information on how to open a serial port.

See Selecting a Primary Serial Port for information on how to specify a primary serial port.

You can set a time-out period for the download process.  (By default the time-out period is infinite).  To set the time-out period, select Settings from the Comms menu and select the Download Options tab in the window that opens.  Click on the down arrow in the Time-out period dropdown list to select a time-out period or end a time-out period of your choice.  The time-out period is in milliseconds.

See Download Scripts for information on how to use scripts with the download process.