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Terminal Emulation->Additional Transmit Preferences

Many control keys are shortcut keys that have a special meaning to the Embedded Development Studio.  Therefore even if the active window is a serial port window, these key codes are not sent to the serial port.  The same is true for the Escape key.  However, these control keys may also mean something to your target board.  The Transmit Options tab allows you to select which control characters should be sent to the serial port and whether the escape key should be transmitted.

Select Settings from the Comms menu and select the Transmit Options tab in the window that opens.

Click on the down arrow of the serial port drop down list to see a list of all of the available serial ports on your PC.  Select the one for which you wish to change the transmit options.

You can now select which control characters you wish to be transmitted out of this serial port and whether or not the escape character is transmitted in response to the escape key.

To add a control character to Send Control Characters list, select it in the drop down list next to the add button and then click Add.  To remove a control character to Send Control Characters list, select it in the Send Control Characters list and press the Delete key.

When you click OK, your preferences will be saved and restored whenever you restart the Embedded Development Studio.