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Projects and Workspaces->The Project Tree->Adding or Removing Files from your Project

You can add files to and remove files from your project using the Edit Files in Project dialog box.  Select Files in Project from the Build menu.  A dialog box will open which will enable you to select files to add and remove from your project.

Note:  Do not double click on a file that you wish to add.  This will close the dialog box but the file will not be added to the project.  you must select the file name and then click on Add for the file to be added to your project.

If a source file is loaded into a text window, you can add it to the project by clicking the right mouse button over the window and selecting the command Add File To Project.  You can also select the Compile/Assemble command from the build menu.  If the file is not part of the project, you will be asked if you wish to add it.   If you answer yes, then it will automatically be added to your project.

You can delete a source file from a project by selecting it in the project tree and pressing the delete key.

You can only add source files to a project.  C source files must end with a .C extension and assembler files must end with a .ASM extension, otherwise the Embedded Development Studio does not recognise them as source files.  You do not add dependency files to a project.  The Embedded Development Studio automatically takes care of dependency information.