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Projects and Workspaces->The Workspace

The Workspace contains the projects that you are currently working on.  The Workspace View displays your projects in a tree structure.

When you create a new project and do not request that it be added to the current workspace, a new workspace is created to contain the new project.  The new workspace is given the same name as the new project.

If you create an empty workspace (File->New->Workspaces) you can create a workspace with a unique name.

You can add a project to the workspace in several ways:

You can remove a project from the workspace by selecting it in the Workspace View and pressing the delete key.

Only one project is the active project.  When you select any of the build commands they will be applied to the active project.

You can change the active project in several ways:
If you select the Batch Build command (Build->Batch Build), then the Embedded Development Studio will automatically switch active projects as it builds each one, restoring the initially active project on completion of the Batch Build process.

Workspaces are stored in files with a .XWS extension.  If you open a project (.XMK extension) that does not have a matching .XWS file, then one will be automatically created.