ARM Simulator and Debugger User Guide

    Simulator/Debugger Integration
    Extension Integration
Getting Started
    Simulation versus Debugging
    Loading the program
Source Level View
    Step Into
    Step Over
    Step Out
    Step to Cursor
    Undo Instruction
    Undo Command
    Source and Machine Level Breakpoints
    Source Level Breakpoints
        The Breakpoint View
        Breakpoint Properties
        Context Menu
        Hierarchical Breakpoints
    Machine Level Breakpoints
        Set Breakpoint at Cursor
        Breakpoints Dialog Box
        Editing Breakpoints
            Editing Breakpoints
            Add Breakpoint
            Delete Breakpoint
            Change Breakpoint
            Disable Breakpoint
    Flash Memory Breakpoints
Programming Flash Memory
    The Configuration Script
    Flash.ini and UserFlash.ini
Code Creation Wizards
    Common Features
    xstdsys.c and xstdsys.h
    _init_chip() and _init_chip1()
    Wizard blocks
    Modifying the Configuration Code
    Inserting Code into your Normal Source Files
    Interrupt and I/O Handlers
    Changing Variants
    Linked Wizards
    Reset All Wizards
    Headers Wizard
    Accessing Wizards using the Source Code Context Menu
        Displaying the Context Menu
        A Wizards Dialog Box
        Operations and Registers
        Register Bits
        Register Only Selection
Virtual Workshop Interface
    Compulsory Interface Calls
    General Purpose Interface Calls
    Capture State Specific Interface Calls
    MFC Specific Interface Calls
I/O via Host PC
    Character I/O
    File I/O