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The Crossware ARM Development Suite includes both a source level simulator and  a source level debugger.  The simulator and debugger share many common features and are in fact combined into a single executable module.  This module integrates with the Crossware Embedded Development Studio as soon as an ARM chip is selected as the target chip for a project.

The simulator allows source level debugging of an ARM program without the requirement of a target board.

The debugger requires the presence of an ARM target board.  It also requires the Crossware USB JTAG interface (Jaguar) which communicates between the PC and a JTAG interface on the target board.

Note that the Jaguar USB drivers are suitable Windows 2000, Windows XP and 32-bit Windows Vista.  The debugger can therefore only be used with these operating systems.

Chip specific extensions to the simulator and to some extent the debugger are provided by an additional executable module. This additional executable module will also include the Code Creation Wizards.  The particular additional module used will depend upon the ARM variant selected as the family member.  As soon as an ARM variant is selected the appropriate additional module is integrated into the environment, the simulator is seamlessly extended to simulate the on-chip peripherals and a set of wizards to create C source code for the on-chip peripherals is provided.

The simulator can also be extended by the user using the Virtual Workshop Interface.  This interface allows programs to be written that can interface to the digital and analog pins of the simulating chip and also with its serial interfaces.  It allows the complete target system to be simulated.