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Programming Flash Memory->The Configuration Script

Since an external memory controller must be suitably configured prior to download into external flash memory (or into external RAM), the debugger will need a script file to tell it how to configure the external memory controller.

The debugger will look for a script file with the name <project name>.JTG.

Here is the contents of a script file for the NXP LPC2292 chip:

; This configuration script was created on 16 Nov 2006 17:45:00
; using information gathered from the target hardware.

This script file has actually been generated by the debugger.  It could also have been generated by the simulator.

The debugger will use it to configure the external memory controller of the LPC2292.  It will then interpret the configuration of the external memory controller and determine that chip selects 0 and 1 are configured.  It will also determine the bus widths for banks 0 and 1.

In this case bank 0 is configured for a 16-bit bus width and an SST39VF6401 flash memory chip is connected to it.

The debugger will determine that the memory on bank 0 is not RAM (by trying to write to it) and will then attempt to read the manufacturer's ID and device ID of the external memory chip.  In this case it will read a manufacturer's ID of BF and device ID of 234B.  The debugger will then search UserFlash.ini (if present) and Flash.ini looking for data on this chip.

Also in this case, bank 1 is connected to a RAM chip.  The debugger will automatically determine that this is RAM by successfully writing to it and download into it if the program was destined to the address range for this RAM chip.