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AT91SAM7Sxxx  AT91SAM7Xxxx  AT91SAM7XCxxx  AT91SAM7SExxx  AT91SAM7A3 
AT91SAM9260  AT91SAM9263  AT91RM9200  AT91SAM9G20  AT91SAM3U 
LPC2101/2/3  LPC2104/5/6  LPC21x9  LPC2114/24  LPC2194  LPC213x  LPC214x 
LPC2212/14  LPC2210/20  LPC229x  LPC23xx  LPC2478  LPC29xx 
STR710  STR711  STR712  STR715  STR730  STR731  STR735  STR736  STR750  STR751  STR752  STR755 
STM32F100X4/6/8/B  STM32F101X4/6  STM32F101X8/B  STM32F101XC/D/E  STM32F102X4/6  STM32F102X8/B 
STM32F103X4/6  STM32F103X8/B  STM32F103XC/D/E  STM32F105X8/B/C STM32F107XB/C 
EFM32G200  EFM32G210  EFM32G222  EFM32G230  EFM32G290/280  EFM32G200  EFM32G890/880 
EFM32TG822/840/842  EFM32TG110/210/222/230/232  EFM32TG108 


 Context menu Code Creation Wizards:

Code creation wizards can be opened from the context menu of any source view to enable code to be created and inserted at the cursor position:

Tyically the interface looks like this:

 Register views:

Tabbed register views are provided for all on-chip peripherals:

Multiple register views can be opened so it is possible to simultaneously see any combination of registers:

Register tooltips pop-up when the mouse hovers over a value in a register view:

 Source level ARM instruction set simulation

 Source level on-chip debugging with Jaguar USB JTAG interface

 Graphical Code Creation Wizards:

There are currently no graphical code creation wizards

 Peripheral simulation:

No on-chip peripherals are simulated at present