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SiLabs Development Suite

A subset of the Crossware 8051 Development Suite with all of the features required for the mixed signal microcontrollers from Silicon Laboratories.


Crossware Enhances ARM Suite with Support for Energy Micro Cortex-M3 based Gecko and Tiny Gecko Microcontrollers


What People Are Saying

The compiler is working beautifully at the moment. Just finished a major chunk of code - FAT file system, SD card, audio playback via VS chip etc. All working fine.

Crossware ARM Development Suite User

There is a good complier/IDE for ARM. It is very simply, easy. Especially , It is also support C/C++ code generator function. [sic]

Thavali (on

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Crossware Enhances 8051 Suite with Support for Silicon Labs’ C8051F5xx Automotive Chips