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Crossware develops and markets tools for the development of embedded software.

The tools include compilers for ARM, ColdFire, 8051 and 68xxx - embedded C++/C for ARM and ColdFire and C for 8051 and 68xxx, and cross assemblers for these and other microprocessors.

Debugging tools include simulation and debugging software and hardware debugger interfaces (Jaguar for ARM and FireFly for ColdFire). Debug monitors are used for 8051 microcontrollers and the SiLabs debugger interfaces are supported for the SiLabs 8051 based chips.

Code creation wizards ease the creation of C source code for the on-chip peripherals of the ARM, ColdFire and 8051 microcontroller families and simulation of those on-chip peripherals enables development to proceed in the absence of hardware. The ARM, ColdFire and 8051 simulators can be extended to allow complete system simulation.

Modern techniques such as static single assignment (SSA) and dominator analysis are used to facilitate the advanced optimisations that the ARM compiler can perform. The 8051 C compiler supports whole program optimisations, code compression and smart pointers. Graph colouring algorithms ensure the optimal use of scarce 8051 internal RAM.

The Embedded Development Studio provides an easy-to-use unifying graphical user interface across all of the tools.

The tools are sold and supported worldwide by Crossware and its partners.

What People Are Saying

The compiler is working beautifully at the moment. Just finished a major chunk of code - FAT file system, SD card, audio playback via VS chip etc. All working fine.

Crossware ARM Development Suite User

There is a good complier/IDE for ARM. It is very simply, easy. Especially , It is also support C/C++ code generator function. [sic]

Thavali (on

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STMicroelectronics Cortex-M4 based Microcontrollers

The Crossware Development Suite for ARM - Professional edition supports the Cortex-M4 based STM32F415 microntrollers from STMicroelectronics. Features include compiler generation of floating-point co-processor instructions, simulation of the floating-point co-processor and simulation of the DSP instructions.