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ColdFire MCF5249

MCF520x  MCF521x  MCF5221x  MCF5222x  MCF5223x  MCF523x  MCF524x  MCF525x  MCF527x  MCF528x 
MCF5307  MCF532x  MCF537x  MCF5407  MCF547x  MCF548x 

Features an audio interface controller

 Supported by the Crossware ColdFire Development Suite

 Specific support for M5249EVM (Crossware has this evaluation board)

 Graphical Code Creation Wizards for audio interface, cache, chip selects, GPIO and secondary interrupts

 Peripheral simulation includes UARTs and timers

 The Freescale MP3 player software has been successfully built with the Crossware compiler. Many Diab Data compatibility features were added during the porting process.