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Code Creation Wizards->Wizard blocks

The wizards use marker lines in xstdsys.c and xstdsys.h between which they will place their configuration code.  For instance the wizard for timer 0 will place the timer 0 configuration code in between the two lines:



These lines therefore mark the start and end of the Timer 0 wizard block.

Each Code Creation Wizard has it's own block and maintains exclusive control of anything that is in it.  You should therefore not place any of your own code in these blocks since it is likely to be removed by a wizard when is next invoked.

You can however move these blocks to different locations within xstdsys.c and xsdtsys.h.  So if you want the timer 0 configuration code to be in a different function you can add this function to xstdsys.c and move the Timer 0 wizard block into it.  

However if you modify xstdsys.c in the above way then be sure not to use the Reset All Wizards command because this command will overwrite xstdsys.c (and xstdsys.h) completely.  (However you will be given ample opportunity to cancel this overwrite process.)