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Code Creation Wizards->Modifying the Configuration Code

The Code Creation Wizards not only write configuration code into their blocks but will also read it and interpret it too.  So when you re-open a wizard you will see the configuration code that was in it's block re-interpreted into selections shown in the graphical interface.  So effectively you are starting from where you left off and you can make any modifications that you wish and click on Insert to replace the old configuration code with the new configuration code.

If you do not make any changes and click on Insert, configuration code will still be written to the block but will be the same configuration code as before and so effectively no changes will have been made.  This is important to know because if you want to add for instance an interrupt handler to a C source file after you have configured the relevant peripheral you will need to click on Insert to insert the interrupt handler into that source file.

If you click on Reset, any configuration code will be cleared from the list view and the selections in the graphical interface will match those appropriate for no configuration code  (i.e. the reset state of the chip).  You can click on Insert to create an empty configuration block or start making new selections from a fresh reset state.

If you click on Cancel, any changes that you have made will be discarded, except that if you have made any changes via a sub-wizard (see later) then these changes will have already been written to xstdsys.c and so will not be discarded.