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Code Creation Wizards->Linked Wizards

Some of the Wizards need information about the configurations of other peripherals.  For instance the UART Wizard needs to know about the configurations of the timers and the oscillator and possibly the ports.  The UART Wizard obtains this information by invoking and interrogating Wizards for these other peripherals.  So when the UART Wizard is open, there may be several other Wizards active too.  You can access such a Sub-Wizard by double clicking on an item associated with it.  An asterisk ('*') is used to identify such items or groups of items.

So if, from the UART Wizard, you double clock on a timer 1 item, the Timer 1 Wizard will open on top of the UART Wizard.  You can then view and optionally modify the timer 1 configuration.  

If you choose to modify the timer configuration and click on Insert, the modified configuration code will be written to the timer Wizard's block before you are returned to the UART Wizard.  If you then cancel out of the UART Wizard these changes will still have been made and will not be undone.  Similarly if you click on Autoconfigure Timers, the timer Wizards will immediately update the configuration code in their blocks.