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Using the Custom AppWizard or Project Template->Tutorial - Creating an Extension with the AppWizard->Speeding up your Extension

The outline extension created for you by the Custom AppWizard contains the complete Vitrual Workshop interface.  However, the example we have just created is using only a small number of interface calls.  In order to prevent the Virtual Workshop from making calls to functions that do nothing except return the default response, we can comment out the unused interface names from the export definition file.

From Microsoft Developer Studio, open file Extension.def to view the exported list of function names.

The ones that your tutorial extension is using are shown in bold.  All of the others can be commented our by preceding them with a semi-colon as shown.

   ; Explicit exports can go here
;    GetSFRMemory
;    SetSFRMemory
;    GetDptr
;    SetDptr
;    GetProgramMemory
;    SetProgramMemory
;    GetXDataMemory
;    SetXDataMemory
;    GetDataMemory
;    SetDataMemory
;    ClearXDataMemory
;    CheckWatchdog
;    GetExternalBusAccessCode
;    GetExternalBusAccessData
;    SetPortPins
;    GetMachineCycles
;    GetAdditionalInterrupts
;    HandleReservedInstruction
;    GetReservedInstructionMnemonic
;    SetSerialOutput
;    GetSerialPorts
;    GetAdditionalPorts
;    GetRegisters
;    ModifyTimerCycles
;    GetTimer2Mode

Finally, when you are happy with your extension, you can compile the release configuration to produce a faster optimised version.