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Using the Custom AppWizard or Project Template->Tutorial - Creating an Extension with the AppWizard->Single Stepping through your Extension

As you enhance your extension or create completely new ones of your own, you can take advantage of Microsoft's debugging environment by single stepping through your extension source code.  Let's try:

Close the Crossware Embedded Development Studio.  Return to the Microsoft Developer Studio and open MessageDlg.cpp.  Move down to OnClose() and set a breakpoint on line:

 g_MessageDlgPosition.length = sizeof(WINDOWPLACEMENT);

Select Start Debug and then Go from the Build menu.

When asked for the executable filename, enter C:\ESTUDIO\ESTUDIO.EXE.  Then click OK.  Click OK to the warning telling you that estudio.exe contains no debugging info. The Crossware Embedded Development Studio will now start.

Open your 8051 tutorial project (if not already open) and run your 8051 program.  Your message dialog box will open.  Click the Close button (X) in its top right hand corner to close it.  When you do so, your extension will halt at your breakpoint allowing you to single step through CMessageDlg::OnClose().