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Using the Custom AppWizard or Project Template->Tutorial - Creating an Extension with the AppWizard->Create an 8051 Project

Start the Crossware Embedded Development Studio and create a new 8051 project as follows:

Select New from the File menu.  Click on the Projects tab.  Select Executable Program and click on OK.

Select 8051 as the Target Family and select Dallas DS87C320 as the Family member.

Click on Next.

Enter Tutorial as the Project name and enter C:\estudio\Projects\Tutorial as the project directory.

Click on Next.

Click on Next to accept the default Target Memory Configuration.

Click on Next to skip the Additional Libraries options.

Select IEEE 695 as the Program File Format.

Click on Next.

Click on Finish to select the default options for creating a startup file and initial source file for a C language project.

A project will be created containing two files  startup.asm and main.c.  File main.c will be automatically displayed ready for editing.