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Breakpoints->Machine Level Breakpoints->Editing Breakpoints->Disable Breakpoint

Breakpoints can be either enabled or disabled.  A disabled breakpoint will not halt simulation, although it will still be highlighted in the appropriate window. By default breakpoints are enabled and this is indicated by a plus (+) sign at the left of the breakpoint description in the breakpoint list.  To disable a breakpoint, select it in the breakpoint list box and click on the Disable button. The sign will change from plus (+) to minus (-).  The Disable button will also change to an Enable button and you can click on this to re-enable the breakpoint.

Disabling a breakpoint us a useful way of temporarily preventing it from halting simulation.  It can be quickly re-enabled when required again.

Disabled breakpoints are useful in another way too.  When the simulation is running in response to the Go command, the display is not normally updated.  A disabled breakpoint however causes the display to be updated.  You can therefore deliberately set disabled breakpoints to cause this update to occur at points of particular interest.