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Downloading and Running a Program->Other Script Formats

The debugger does accept other script formats to those described above.  For instance the configuration script below for the MCF5307 was available from the Motorola web site and will be accepted by the Crossware debugger.  (It has to be named <project name>.BDM of course.)

@ MBAR = 0x10000001
@ ACR0 = 0x0
@ ACR1 = 0x0
@ CACR = 0x0
@ SRAMBAR = 0x800001

write -w 0x10000100 = 0x8230
write -l 0x10000108 = 0x00001300
write -l 0x1000010c = 0x003c0001
write -l 0x10000108 = 0x00001308
write -l 0x00100404 = 0xdeadbeef
write -l 0x10000108 = 0x00009300

write -l 0x10000110 = 0x00401300
write -l 0x10000114 = 0x003c0001
write -l 0x10000110 = 0x00401308
write -l 0x00400404 = 0xdeadbeef
write -l 0x10000110 = 0x00409300

write -w 0x10000004 = 0xffff
write -w 0x10000244 = 0x0000
write -w 0x10000248 = 0x0000

write -w 0x1000008c = 0x0080
write -w 0x10000096 = 0x0100
write -l 0x10000090 = 0x00800000

write -b 0x10000098 = 0xfe

write -w 0x100000a2 = 0x1918
write -w 0x1000009e = 0x0001

write -w 0x100000ae = 0x0080
write -w 0x100000aa = 0x0021

write -w 0x100000ba = 0x0080
write -w 0x100000b6 = 0x0000

write -w 0x100000c6 = 0x0100
write -w 0x100000c2 = 0x0000

write -w 0x100000d2 = 0x0100
write -w 0x100000ce = 0x0000

write -w 0x100000de = 0x0100
write -w 0x100000da = 0x0000

write -w 0x10000080 = 0xffe0
write -w 0x1000008a = 0x0d80
write -l 0x10000084 = 0x000f0001

write -l 0x10000108 = 0x00009340
write -l 0x00000400 = 0xdeadbeef

write -l 0x10000110 = 0x00409340
write -l 0x00400400 = 0xdeadbeef