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Programming Flash Memory->Saving and Restoring Flash Memory Contents->Compare Memory Image



Select Compare Memory Image from the debugger Options menu to open the above dialog box.

Enter a start address in hexadecimal to indicate the address in target memory from which you wish to start comparing.  Enter the name of the file containing the data which you wish to compare with the target memory.

Check the Reset and configure target option if the chip selects etc. on the target board need to be reconfigured before the memory range can be read.

When you are ready, click OK and the debugger will compare the binary data in the file with the region of target memory that you have specified.

Note: If you have saved dBug from an evaluation board and are doing a compare to check for instance that dBug on the target board is still OK, make sure that you have returned the boot jumper to its original position.  When you change the boot jumper link so that your board boots from user space, the flash memory containing dBug may no longer be mapped to its normal address and so your compare will fail even though dBug is still OK.