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Test Floating-Point Operand

Compatibility: ColdFire chips with a floating-point unit (FPU)

Source Operand Tested -> FPCC

Assembler Syntax:FTST.fmt <ea>
Format: Byte (B), Word (W), Long (L), Single-precision (S), Double-precision (D)

Converts the source operand to double-precision (if necessary) and sets the condition code bits in accordance with the result.

Floating-Point Status Register:

NSet if operand is negative;else cleared
ZSet if operand is zero;else cleared
ISet if operand is infinity;else cleared
NANSet if operand is a NAN;else cleared
BSUNAlways cleared
INANSet if the input is not-a-number; else cleared
IDESet if the input is a denormalised number; else cleared
OPERR Always cleared
OVFL Always cleared
UNFL Always cleared
DZ Always cleared
INEX Set if the infinitely-precise mantissa of the intermediate result has more significant bits than can be represented exactly in the selected rounding precision; or if the input is a denormalised number and the IDE exception is disabled; or if the result overflowed; or if the result underflowed and the underflow exception is disabled; else cleared

Allowable Addressing Modes