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Save Internal Floating Point State

Compatibility: ColdFire chips with a floating-point unit (FPU)

If in Supervisor State, FPU internal state -> destination
else Privilege Violation Exception

Attributes: unsized

Assembler Syntax:FSAVE <ea>
After allowing the completion of any floating-point operation in progress, FSAVE saves the FPU internal state in a frame at the effective address.  The FPCR is cleared and the FPU is in the idle state until the next instruction executes.

If the FPU was in the NULL state, a NULL state frame is created.

If any FPSR exception bits are set and a corresponding FPCR bit is set, an EXCP state frame is created.

Otherwise and IDLE state frame is created.

FSAVE does not save the floating-point data registers.

Floating-Point Status Register: not affected

Floating-Point Control Register: cleared

Allowable Addressing Modes