ARM C/C++ Compiler User Guide

    Running the Compiler from the Command Line
    Compiler command line options
        Compile Only (/c)
        Generate Assembler Code (/Fa)
        Generate Assembler Code Listing (/Fc)
        Generate Debug Information (/DEBUG)
        Define Identifier (/D)
        Generate Cortex-M3 Code (/M3)
        Use __cdecl Calling Convention (/Gd)
        Use __fastcall Calling Conventions (/Gr)
        Use __stdcall Calling Convention (/Gz)
        Stack Frame Pointer Elimination (/Ok)
        Conditional Branch Elimination (/Ob)
        Extended Common Sub-Expression Elimination (/Oh)
        Dead Code Elimination (/Oe)
        Conditional Constant Propagation (/Oo)
        Loop Transformation (/Ol)
        Interrupt Vector Offset (/VO:)
        Generate Relocatable Vectors (/Vr)
        Warning Level 0 (/W0)
        Warning Level 1 (/W1)
        Warning Level 2 (/W2)
        Warning Level 3 (/W3)
        Warning Level 4 (/W4)
        Warning as Errors (/WX)
        Structure and union packing (/Zp)
    C Language Definition
        ANSI C Support
        1999 ANSI C Support
        Data Sizes
        Arithmetic Conversions
    C++ Language Definition
        Embedded C++
        Data Types
    Function Calling Conventions
        CDecl Calling Convention
        Fast Call Calling Convention
        StdCall Calling Convention
    Scratch Registers
    Inline Functions
    Disabling and Enabling ARM Core Interrupts
    Converting a C Project to C++
        #pragma version
        #pragma date
        #pragma time
        #pragma message
        #pragma code_seg
        #pragma const_seg
        #pragma bss_seg
        #pragma data_seg
        #pragma pack
        #pragma pid
    Interrupt Functions
            Manual Coding of Interrupt Vector
            Automatic Coding of Interrupt Vector
            Automatic Coding of Interrupt Vector
    In-Line Assembler Code
        Introducing In-Line Assembler Code
        Accessing Global Variables
    Predefined Macros
        C++ Predefined Macros
        ANSI Predefined Macros
        Compiler Specific Predefined Macros
    Running the Linker from the Command Line
    Default Filenames
    Linker Response File
    Linker Command Line Options
        Generate S Record Output (/SREC)
        Generate S19 Record Output (/S19)
        Generate S28 Record Output (/S28)
        Generate S37 Record Output (/S37)
        Generate S29 Record Output (/S29)
        Generate S39 Record Output (/S39)
        Generate Intel Hex Output (/HEX)
        Generate IEEE Binary Output (/IEEE)
        Generate Plain Binary Output (/BIN)
        Generate Error File (/Fe)
        Specify Object Code Filename (/Fo)
        Specify Ram Limits (/RAM)
        Specify ROM Limits (/ROM:)
        Place Program Code in RAM (/NOROM)
        Specify Segment Addresses and Order (/CODE /MIXED /RDATA /DATA)
        Use Linker Script (/Ds:)
        Translate Sections Names (/Ts)
    Linker Scripts
        Linker Script Language
            File Structure
            Memory Block
            Sections Block
            Sections Block Contents
            Output Section Definition
            Section Definition Content
            Storage Address
            Run-time Address
            Type Specification
            Memory Region Name
            Assignment Statements
    Drag And Drop Scripting
    Introduction to C Library Functions
    Detailed Descriptions
        Introducing Detailed Descriptions
        abs() absl()
        acos() acosl()
        asin() asinl()
        atan() atanl()
        atoi() atol() atof()atolf()
        ceil() ceill()
        cos() cosl()
        cosh() coshl()
        _ecvt() _ecvtl
        exp() expl()
        fabs() fabsl()
        _fcvt() _fcvtl
        floor() floorl()
        frexp() frexpl()
        ldexp() ldexpl()
        log() logl()
        log10() log10l()
        pow() powl()
        sin() sinl()
        sinh() sinhl()
        sqrt() sqrtl()
        tan() tanl()
        tanh() tanhl()
    String Class Functions
        Member Functions
            Assignment Operators
            Iterator Access
            Size and Capacity Operations
            Element Access
            Data Access
        Non-Member Functions
    new and delete