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Crossware Z80 Assembler 15 Day Evaluation Download

Click on the link below to download a 15 day evaluation version of the Crossware Z80 Assembler for Windows:

Crossware Z80 Assembler

File size: ~12 MB
Uploaded: 15 February 2024.

Requires Windows 7 or above.

To run this software your PC must be connected to the Internet.

When you first run the Embedded Development Studio, you will need to request an evaluation license. This licence is generated automatically by the Crossware web server. The 15 day evaluation period will begin when you request this license.

Once you have the license, the Embedded Development Studio will connect to a License Server running in the Crossware office.   It will do this through the Crossware website and so if you can surf the Internet you can connect to the Licence Server.

The Embedded Development Studio will firstly check out a license to run itself. Then, when you create or open a Z80 project, it will check out a 'feature' to run a Z80 project.

The License Server expects an 'I'm still here' message from the Embedded Development Studio every few minutes and so if your PC sleeps or hibernates then the license will need to be checked out again. Close down and restart the Embedded Development Studio to do this.