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8051 Training Suite

FLT-68K Microprocessor Trainer Board

The FLT-32 8051 Microprocessor Trainer is manufactured by Flite Electronics International Limited (http://www.flite.co.uk). This trainer board is supplied with eprom based firmware which provides a text base command line interface. This system is used extensively together with Crossware's Windows based 8051 Assembler and Crossware's 8051 C compiler to provide student training in colleges and universities throughout the world.

For users that require a more sophisticated and advanced system, the Crossware 8051 Training Suite provides a graphical interface to full source level debugging and simulation facilities, in addition to the PC based assembler and/or C programming tools and environment.

Alternative firmware, in the form of a replacement Eprom, provides the debug monitor which allows communication between the Crossware debugging environment and the 8051 board. The resulting GUI interface replaces the original text based user interface.

Further details are provided in the 8051 Training Suite Brochure