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FLT-68K Training Suite

FLT-68K Microprocessor Trainer Board FLT-68K Training Suite Firmware FLT-68K Training Suite Software and Manual

The FLT-68K Microprocessor Trainer is manufactured by Flite Electronics International Limited (http://www.flite.co.uk). This trainer board is supplied with eprom based firmware which provides a text base command line interface. This system is used extensively together with Crossware's Windows based 68000 Assembler and Crossware's 68000 C compiler to provide student training in colleges and universities throughout the world.

For users that require a more sophisticated and advanced system, the Crossware FLT-68K Training Suite provides a graphical interface to full source level debugging and simulation facilities, in addition to the PC based assembler and/or C programming tools and environment.

Alternative firmware, in the form of two replacement Eproms, provides the debug monitor which allows communication between the Crossware debugging environment and the FLT-68K board. The resulting GUI interface replaces the original text based user interface.

Further details are provided in the FLT-68K Training Suite Brochure