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Using the Custom AppWizard or Project Template->Tutorial - Creating an Extension with the AppWizard->Loading and Running the Extension

To run the outline extension that you have just created, return to the Embedded Development Studio with the Tutorial project open.

Select Display Extension Activity from the Simulate menu.

Select Step Into from the Simulate menu.

The Virtual Workshop will start and run to the first instruction in startup.asm.

A window called Extension Activity will open.  This window will display:

Searching for extension: C:\estudio\8051\Ds87c320.var\bin\esim.dll..found..initialised
Searching for extension: C:\estudio\8051\Ds87c320.var\bin\esim0.dll..not found
Searching for extension: C:\estudio\Projects\Tutorial\bin\esim0.dll..found..initialised
Searching for extension: C:\estudio\Projects\Tutorial\bin\esim1.dll..not found

C:\estudio\8051\Ds87c320.var\bin\esim.dll is a Crossware extension which is providing the simulation enhancements required by the DS87C320 family member that you specified when you created your 8051 project. C:\estudio\8051\Ds87c320.var\bin\esim0.dll is not present and so the Virtual Workshop moves on to search directory C:\estudio\Projects\Tutorial\bin\ for extensions.  It finds your extension C:\estudio\Projects\Tutorial\bin\esim0.dll which it loads.  It receives a message from your extension to indicate that your extension has correctly initialised itself. C:\estudio\Projects\Tutorial\bin\esim1.dll is not found and so the Virtual Workshop stops searching for extensions.

You extension is now running.  It will receive all extension interface calls as your 8051 program executes.