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Using the Custom AppWizard or Project Template->Tutorial - Creating an Extension with the AppWizard->Finalising Support for your Dialog Box->Build and Run your Extension

Select Build esim0.dll from the Build menu to rebuild your extension.

After you have successfully rebuilt your extension, you can return to the Crossware Embedded Development Studio and run your 8051 program.  You will see your Messages dialog box appear in the top left corner of your screen as before. Select Serial Port 0 from the view menu to view the activity of serial port 0.

Enter a message into the edit box of your Message dialog box and with your 8051 program running in Go mode, click on Send Message.  You will see your message being received by your simulating program.  Wait until it has been completely received.  

Click on Send Message again and this time before the message has been completely received, click on the Capture State toolbar button with the red disc (or select Capture Current State from the Simulate menu).

Select Halt Simulation from the Simulate menu and double click on the item in the Captured States window.  (You will see (selected) appear next to it).  Now select Go from the Simulate menu and your program will start to run from the point at which you clicked Capture State.  You will see the last part of your message transmitted again, demonstrating that your dialog box supports the capture and restore state commands.

Select Close Simulator from the Simulate menu and return to the Microsoft Developer Studio.