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Getting Started->Deciding How to Start

There are two ways in which the simulator can start your program:

In order for you to be able to choose which method is used, the first time the simulator starts your program, it will display the Exceptions dialog box:


You can see that by default the Reset exception is checked.  This indicates that the simulator will perform a reset.  To instruct the simulator to instead load the start address into the program counter and begin execution, uncheck the Reset exception.  You can also, at this point, tell the simulator to simulate other exceptions, or you can do this later by selecting Exceptions from the Options menu to re-open the Exceptions dialog box.

The start address used by the simulator may be specified by your program file if it is in S-record or IEEE 695 format and contains a record specifying the start address.  Otherwise an address of zero will be used.  Later, using the Set Program Counter command, you can tell simulator to use a different start address.