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Software Flash Memory Breakpoints->Flash Memory Breakpoints

By default, program counter breakpoints in flash memory are implemented using the hardware breakpoint feature of the ColdFire debug module.  Since there are only a few such hardware breakpoints, this can be quite limiting.

The debugger optionally supports software breakpoints in flash memory.  When this feature is enabled, an unlimited number of PC breakpoint can be set in flash memory.  To activate this feature, select Settings from the Project menu, click on the Debug tab and check the Use software breakpoints in flash memory option:


Software flash memory breakpoints are set and cleared by completely reprogramming the flash memory sectors that contain them.  The debugger, via the FireFly USB BDM interface,  can do this very quickly.  It modifies the data that was originally downloaded and so if the Do not download the program option was checked, software flash memory breakpoints will not be used.