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Hardware Breakpoints->Data Breakpoints

Only hardware data breakpoints are supported by ColdFire.  One hardware data breakpoint is supported by MCF52xx and MCF53xx chips and two are supported by MCF54xx chips.

However, the debugger can support additional data breakpoints.  For instance if a source level data breakpoint has been set as being simultaneous with its parent, then a hardware breakpoint will not be used.  Instead the debugger will check the data location whenever the parent breakpoint is active and is hit.

Also the debugger will not set a hardware data breakpoint until it is necessary.  So for instance if a source level data breakpoint has child breakpoints, it will not be set until it's children have activated it.

If a hardware data breakpoint is in use by a source level breakpoint, then an asterisk ('*' character) is displayed next to it in the breakpoint tree.

If a data breakpoint needs to be set but cannot because there are no further hardware breakpoints available, it will be disabled.