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The debug monitor sets the T89C51RD2 or T89C51AC2 chip to clock doubled operation in main.c.  The default 19200 baud rate is therefore maintained by not setting the SMOD bit.  (See InitiSerialPort() in functions.c.)


The debug monitor will be compiled to reside in the address range 0000-0EFF hex. The debug monitor expects your code to start at 0F00 hex,  Your program's min. code address should therefore be set to 0F00 hex.  It's min. xdata address should be set to 3E hex.  If you are using interrupts, then the interrupt vector offset in the compiler options should be set to 0F00 hex.

Since the flash memory is byte reprogrammable, breakpoints and step to cursor will operate normally.

If you are access the data EEPROM from your program, disable interrupts while you do so.  We found this to be necessary and in any case it ensures that control is not passed back the debug monitor while it's normal xdata space is inaccessible.