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The debug monitor will be compiled to reside in the first partition 0000-07FF hex.  By default, the debug monitors xdata space will start at 5000 hex. and end at 503D hex.  5000 hex. is also the partition address for the users program and the debug monitor will automatically set the partition to this when control is transferred to the users program.

If your program requires a different partition address, then you should change the debug monitors min. xdata address and max. xdata address.  Min. xdata address must be a valid partition address (if it is not, then the linker will report PA3_0 as an unresolved variable).

The debug monitor requires 6 bytes of code space for it's modifiable code.  This is located (using an advanced linker option specific to this DS5000 project) at address 800 hex.  Therefore the debug monitor expects your program to start at 806 hex.  Your program's min. code address should therefore be set to 806 hex, it's max. code address should be set to 1 less than the partition address and it's min. xdata address should be set to the partition address plus 3E.  If you are using interrupts, then the interrupt vector offset in the compiler options should be set to 806 hex.