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The Preconfigured Projects->Generic 8051/8052 Debug Monitor->The Project

The generic 8051/8052 version of the debugger is built with project 8052 Debug Monitor.XMK.


The debug monitor will be compiled to reside in ROM in the address range 0000-07FF hex.

By default, the debug monitor's xdata space will start at 8000 hex and end at 8043 hex. (which is appropriate for a system where RAM starts at 8000 hex).  The debug monitor will expect the users interrupt vectors to start immediately after 8043 hex.

If you leave these defaults unchanged, programs that you will debug with this debug monitor should start at 8044 hex.  The code and data in ram item should be check and so it is min. xdata address which should be set to 8044.  If you are using interrupts, the interrupt vector offset in the compiler options should also be set to 8044 hex.

If your RAM starts at an address other than 8000 hex, you should modify the debug monitors min. xdata address and max. xdata address accordingly.  Alternatively or in addition, if you prefer that your code starts at for instance a page boundary, you should increase max. xdata as appropriate.  So if you want your code to start at 8100 hex, then max. xdata address should be set to 80FF.  The debug monitor will then expect your program's interrupt vectors to start at 8100 hex.