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C COMPILER LIBRARY FUNCTIONS->Detailed Descriptions->gmtime()


#include <time>

struct tm* gmtime(const time_t* timer)


timerPointer to a stored time value which represents the number of elapsed seconds since midnight 1st January 1970.


This function converts the supplied timer value into a tm structure:

struct tm {
    int tm_sec;     // seconds after the minute - [0,59]
    int tm_min;     // minutes after the hour - [0,59]
    int tm_hour;    // hours since midnight - [0,23]
    int tm_mday;    // day of the month - [1,31]
    int tm_mon;     // months since January - [0,11]
    int tm_year;    // years since 1900
    int tm_wday;    // days since Sunday - [0,6]
    int tm_yday;    // days since January 1 - [0,365]
    int tm_isdst;   // daylight savings time flag

The tm structure is statically allocated and will be overwritten by a subsequent call to gmtime().


This function returns a pointer to the tm structure.