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ASSEMBLER DIRECTIVES->Other Assembler Directives->DC Define Constant Data

The DC data directive is used to create constant data.  Tables, text and numerical data for instance can be created using DC.

Constants can be aligned on a byte, word or long word boundary.

The size of the constant is specified by appending .B, .W, .L, to the DC directive.  If no size is specified then .W is assumed.  If necessary, numeric data is truncated to fit into the size specified.

Multiple constants can be created with a single DC directive by including more than one expression or string in the operand.  Adjacent expressions or strings are separated from each other by commas.  Up to 256 bytes of data can be generated with a single directive.

DC.B<exprn or string>,<exprn or string> ....
DC.W<exprn or string>,<exprn or string> ....
DC.L<exprn or string>,<exprn or string> ....
DC<exprn or string>,<exprn or string> ....

The following listing illustrates a number of examples:

1 00000000 00220045004E            DC    34,$45,78
2 00000006 22454E                DC.B    34,$45,78
3 00000009 00220045004E            DC.W    34,$45,78
4 0000000F 00000022000000450000004E      DC.L   34,$45,78
6 00001234                number1    EQU    $1234
7 00005678                number2    EQU    $5678
8 0000001B 12345678                DC number1,number2
9 0000001F 0073007400720069006E0067      DC 'string1','string2'
  0000002B 00310073007400720069006E
  00000037 00670032
10 0000003B 737472696E6731737472696E        DC.B 'string1', 'string2'
  00000047 6732
11 00000049 0073007400720069006E0067      DC.W 'string1', 'string2'
  00000055 00310073007400720069006E
  00000061 00670032
12 00000065 000000730000007400000072      DC.L 'string1', 'string2'
  00000071 000000690000006E00000067
  0000007D 000000310000007300000074
  00000089 00000072000000690000006E
  00000095 0000006700000032