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LINKER->Linker Command Line Options->Specify ROM Limits (/ROM:)

This option specifies the area of rom available for the program code and romable data.  The format is:

/ROM:[low address]:[high address]

[low address] and [high address] should be specified in hexadecimal.

The default low address is zero and the default high address is 0FFFFFFFFH.

Multiple /ROM directives can be used to specify discontinuous regions of rom.  When using multiple directives, be aware that the linker cannot divide a single section up and place parts of it in the different regions that you specify  a single section will be placed in a single region.  If a code or romable data section is too large for a region, then you will need separate your code or romable data into smaller sections. For assembler code you can do this using the SECTION or COMMON directives.  For C code you can do this using the code_seg, const_seg and data_seg pragmas.

The /ROM option is ignored if a linker script has been specified.