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Macro definitions allow particular strings within the description file to be replaced by another string.

The format for a macro definition is:


Case sensitivity is retained throughout and so the macroname MyMacro is different to MYMACRO.
macrostring can be any valid string.

Macro definitions can be placed on the command line or placed in the description file.  Additionally, environment variables automatically become macro definitions.

Macros with the same name take precedence over each other as follows with the highest precedence first:

1.A macro defined on the command line

2.A macro defined in the description file

3.An environment-variable macro.

Command line macro definitions must not contain spaces or, if a space character is required in the macro string, the macro string must be enclosed in quotation marks.  For example:

MAKE mymacro="Test Case"

However, if quotation marks are used for macros defined in the description file, they are considered to be part of the macro string.