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C COMPILER->8051 Specific Features->Compatibility Features->Support for Tasking extensions

The Crossware C compiler supports the following Tasking extensions:

Additional Keywords

The keywords bit, _sfrbyte, data, _bdat, _idat, idat, _xdat, xdat, _rom and rom are supported.  These translate the equivalent Crossware keywords _bit, _sfr, _data, _bdata, _idata, _idata, _xdata, _xdata, _code and _code respectively.

In addition the _atbit() attribute is supported.  This exists as a predefined macro equivalent to:

#define _atbit(a,b) =(a)^(b)

and so the construct is automatically converted to one recognised by the Crossware compiler.

Support for these additional keywords and attributes is enabled by default and can be disabled using the /Kt command line option or by unchecking the Allow Tasking keywords option in the Build->Settings->Compiler tab of the Embedded Development Studio.  In addition, _atbit can be undefined using the #undef directive.