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LINKER->Linker Command Line Options->Specify External Ram Limits (/XRAM:)

This option specifies the area of external ram available for the program data.  The format is:

/XRAM:[low address]:[high address]

[low address] and [high address] should be specified in hexadecimal.

(Do not use an 'H' after the hexadecimal numbers).

The default low address is zero and the default high address is 0FFFFH.

Multiple /XRAM directives can be used to specify discontinuous regions of ram.  For example:


tells the linker to use address ranges zero to 0X7FFF and 0XA000 to 0XAFFF.

The / XRAM option is also used to specify switchable xdata ram banks.  The ram bank number is appended to the end as follows

/ XRAM:[low address]:[high address]:[bank number]

Bank number may be between 0 and 0XFF and should correspond with the bank number used with the SEGMENT assembler directive.

For example:


tells the linker that three ram banks numbered zero, one and two exist each with an address range of 0XB000 to 0XFFFF.