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CROSS ASSEMBLER->Assembler Macros->Dummy Labels

If you include an ordinary label in the macro definition then, except where it is being defined using the SET directive, it will only be possible to call that macro once.  A second call will generate a duplicate label error.  Dummy labels overcome this problem.  Dummy labels are \.0 to \.9 and \.A to \.Z (or \.a to \.z since the dummy labels are case insensitive).  These symbols are used within the macro definition in place of ordinary labels, and when the macro is expanded the assembler replaces them with labels .00000, .00001, .00002 etc.  Unique labels are therefore generated each time the macro is called.  

The following example illustrates the use of dummy labels.

Firstly the source code listing:

       NAM     DUMXAMPL
       TTL     *** Dummy Labels ***
       ORG 6000H

; This is the macro definition:

macxampl MACR  
        MOV\0    A,@R1
        MOV\1    A,@A+DPTR
\.0      A\2    A,#34H
        JNZ \.0

; This is the macro call:
       macxampl X,C,NL

And now the listing generated during assembly:

   1                           NAM     DUMXAMPL    
   2                           TTL     *** Dummy Labels ***
   3                           LIST    
   4                           SYM     
   5                           MEX     
   6 6000                      ORG     6000H       
   8                 ; This is the macro definition:
  10                 macxampl MACR  
  11                          MOV\0    A,@R1
  12                          MOV\1    A,@A+DPTR
  13                 \.0      A\2    A,#34H
  14                          JNZ \.0
  15                          ENDM
  17                 ; This is the macro call:
  19                           macxampl X,C,NL      
     6000 E3                   MOVX    A,@R1       
     6001 93                   MOVC    A,@A+DPTR   
     6002 54 34      .00000    ANL     A,#34H      
     6004 70 FC                JNZ     .00000      
Assembly complete
Total bytes generated: 6
0 errors
0 warnings