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CROSS ASSEMBLER->Predefined Symbols->Predefined Bit Addresses for 8051


CYPSW.7D7HCarry flag
ACPSW.6D6HAuxialiary carry flag
F0PSW.5D5HFlag 0
RS1PSW.4D4HRegister bank select bit 1
RS0PSW.3D3HRegister bank select bit 0
OVPSW.2D2HOverflow flag
PPSW.0D0Parity flag
TF1TCON.78FHTimer 1 overflow flag
TR1TCON.68EHTimer 1 run control bit
TF0TCON.58DHTimer 0 overflow flag
TR0TCON.48CHTimer 0 run control bit
IE1TCON.38BHInterrupt 1 edge flag
IT1TCON.28AHInterrupt 1 type control bit
IE0TCON.189HInterrupt 0 edge flag
IT0TCON.088HInterrupt 0 type control bit
SM0SCON.79FHSerial mode control bit 0
SM1SCON.69EHSerial mode control bit 1
SM2SCON.59DHSerial mode control bit 2
RENSCON.49CHReceiver enable
TB8SCON.39BHTransmit bit 8
RB8SCON.29AHReceive bit 8
TI SCON.199HTransmit interrupt flag
RI SCON.098HReceive interrupt flag
EAIE.7AFHEnable all interrupts
ESIE.4ACHEnable serial port interrupt
ET1IE.3ABHEnable timer 1 interrupt
EX1IE.2AAHEnable external interrupt 1
ET0IE.1A9HEnable timer 0 interrupt
EX0IE.0A8HEnable external interrupt 0
RDP3.7B7HRead data for external memory
WRP3.6B6HWrite data for external memory
T1P3.5B5HTimer/counter 1 external flag
T0P3.4B4HTimer/counter 0 external flag
INT1P3.3B3HInterrupt 1 input pin
INT0P3.2B2HInterrupt 0 input pin
TXDP3.1B1HSerial port transmit pin
RXDP3.0B0HSerial port receive pin

PSIP.4BCHPriority of serial port interrupt
PT1IP.3BBHPriority of timer 1 interrupt
PX1IP.2BAHPriority of external interrupt 1
PT0IP.1B9HPriority of timer 0 interrupt
PX0IP.0B8HPriority of external interrupt 0