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LINKER->Default Filenames

The default filenames are:
[pfile]:the name of the first object code file but with no extension
[mfile]:the name of the first object code file but with a .MAP extension
If the filenames do not have extensions and then default extensions are added as follows:
[pfile]:no extension

Any filenames not on the command line and not forced to be the default by the use of a semicolon will be prompted for.  The required filenames can then be entered in response to the prompts.  Pressing <Enter> in response to a prompt causes the default filename to be used.  (This is displayed enclosed in square brackets.)

To continue entering object code filenames on the next line, type a '+' symbol after the last object code filename and then press <Enter>.  The linker will then prompt for more object code filenames.

If the library files are not found in the current directory, then the linker searches paths specified by the LIB environment variable.

Examples of valid LIB environment variables are:


Each directory is searched in the order specified by the LIB variable until the specified library file is found.

The LIB variable is ignored if the library file is specified with a drive designator or a directory.  (The linker searched for a colon or a backslash in the filename and if either is found, the LIB variable is not used even if the specified file cannot be found).