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CROSS ASSEMBLER->Running the Assembler from the Command Line

The cross assembler can be run from the command line with the command:

XASM [sfile] [ofile] [lfile] [/option] [/option] [/option] ...
where[sfile] is the source filename
[ofile] is the object code filename
[lfile] is the listing filename
and[/option] are assembly options which are described later.

The arguments must be separated by spaces.  

The /option arguments can be placed in any position on the command line interposed between the filename arguments if desired.  The filename arguments however must be in the order shown.  Thus the first argument that is not an option will be used as the source code filename.  The second as the object code filename and the third as the listing filename.  

A semi-colon appended to any of the filename arguments causes the defaults to be used for the remaining filenames.  

A more complex command line might therefore be:

XASM /NOOBJ example; <Enter>

This assembles source code file EXAMPLE.OBJ, sending the listing to the screen.  The object code filename will default to EXAMPLE.OBJ, but in fact in this case the file will remain empty since the option NOOBJ will prevent any object code from being generated.

In the above example, the /NOOBJ option could have been placed after 'example'.